New sega saturn emulator - Nova


No source code ?

There's already a bunch of emulators that would welcome new developers, so I personally don't see the interest in aiming same goals from a separate project.


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Nova v0.6 released!

What's new




SH2: Implemented Cache and SCI.

SH2: Rewrote Power-On procedure.

SH2: Rewrote instruction TAS and TRAPA.

SH2: Fixed a bug of return value of reserved areas(Dark Savior).

M68K: Limited the address bus to 24 bits.

SMPC: Implemented commands queueing.

SMPC: Rewrote SMPC peripheral handlings.

SMPC: Rewrote the command SYSRES.

SMPC: Fixed a bug of RTC.

SMPC: Fixed timing issues of the command INTBACK.

SMPC: Fixed a bug of SNDON command(Steam Hearts).

VDP1: Fixed a bug of invalid command(DraculaX).

VDP1: Fixed a bug of LINK address(DraculaX).

VDP2: Rewrote handling of the VCNT register.

VDP2: Completed Cycle Pattern handlings.

VDP2: Restored Character Pattern cache.

SCSP: Implemented 1Mb RAM mode.

CDB: Removed MP2 decoder kjmp2.

CDB: Implemented MPEG1 Video and Audio Layer 1/2 decoding.

CDB: Implemented MPEG related commands.

CDB: Implemented commands CdClose and MpPutSctData.

CDB: Implemented a new sound buffer to provide better playback quality for CDDA and MPEG audio.

CDB: Supported Video CD playback(require MPEG ROM).

CDB: Fixed timing issues of the commands AbortFile, CdGetLastBuf, GetSctNum.

CDB: Fixed a crashing bug of SubcodeQ decoding.

CDB: Fixed HIRQREQ flag setting(EHST) and data size of the command PutSctData(Outrun).

CDB: Fixed a bug when there is no disc in the CD drive(crash in TITAN mode).

CDB: Fixed the default start/end positions of the command CdPlay.

CDDRIVE: Fixed a bug that seekinig function doesn't work while playing.

SYSTEM: Rewrote memory mapping, two SH2s and SCU now have different memory mappings.

PERIPHERAL: Implemented PAR(Preliminary), FDD and Stunner(Virtua Gun).

BIOS: Disabled Nova BIOS.

MISC: Supported 4 executable formats BAL, COF(COFF), CPE(Psy-Q), ELF.

MISC: Supported WindowsXP.

MISC: Added .img format for the cue parser.

MISC: Renamed cart.json to data.json.

MISC: Fixed a bug that the primary BUP is not saved properly at exit.


source : Nova v0.6 released! | Steve Kwok on Patreon