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Originally posted by Gaz_2_k@Jun 5, 2003 @ 10:36 AM

heh heh.....I remember when the title was 'Where Alf is still in style'....or somthing like that!
HAH! Now that is the best one

So true, so true.

PS. - That should be the slogan on the SX t-shirts


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'Where Alf is still in style'
What's that supposed to mean? Have I missed something somewhere?

:huh :huh :huh [/b][/quote]

yes.............yes, you have missed somthing.........

.......a short brown THING from the planet 'Melmac'* with a big nose that went by the name of 'Gordon'*

*(99% sure on that)


yeah but what does that have to do with Sega

I'm guessing it's just a retro thing

retro gaming -- retro tv?????


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I think Sega had a console then. There was an Alf game on the Master System. And Alf is know reduced to doing commercials for 10-10-something. A long distance calling service.


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Yes, the SMS was out about the same time ALF was on TV. They even made an ALF game, never played it though.


I remember it being syndicated on the hallmark channel a couple of years ago. I think they still show it.