new to Saturn dev

Hello folks,

Nice board you have here. I got my Sat some days ago and got interested in devving for it (I already dev'd on my PSX); however, SS dev resources on the 'net seem even more scarce than PSX ones.

Well, I want to dev on my saturn, but I've got some questions I'd very much like answers to:

-what will I need on the hardware side? (i already have a


-where are the docs? ( or sth.

had it all but is down it seems)

-what programs will I need, and where can I find them? I'd

prefer to do devving in asm, as I don't know C.

Thanks very much in advance,


One more thing, is there some tiny asm example floating around somewhere? Something I can use as a skeleton to do all the necessary init?
About the only pure assembly example I know of is my copperbar sample, which isn't really enough to be called a "skeleton" plus it's poorly commented. I recommend you check out Charles MacDonald's page as well. Though his samples are in C (but still library-free), he also has his own hardware notes that should be useful to you. I also recommend you at least learn enough C to understand the sample programs, otherwise you'll miss a lot of information.
Here is some other Saturn Dev things that you might find useful...

Here is a homemade Saturngame, maybe you could put the source up if you ask the author.

Here is Reinhart´s Saturndev page. I helped him draw some sprites, but i haven´t heard from him for a while.

Another Saturn devpage with some interesting files :

This page hasn´t been updated for a while but it has some interesting files :

Here is also some great stuff :

A japanese page with some Saturn docs :

Here are some other interesting Saturn stuff :

Then, there is the Stardust source :

And here is loads of usefull stuff :

The Phoenix emu and that :

Hope this helps something!
Originally posted by Daniel Eriksson@Jan. 01 2003, 10:53 pm

Another Saturn devpage with some interesting files :

The Dynarec site doesn't exist anymore. Bart's new homepages are located at (and are actually hosted here at SegaXtreme. Thanks for that, Iceman!)

That site has repair info and schematics (which are useful), but no programming info.
Great! Thank you all.

Expect some releases from me soon, like a CHIP8 emulator :)

But where is this SGL everyone seems to use? Do i really need it?
Coding to the metal is my thing! Gonna have a good look at the docs first, tho. One final thing: I now have SNASMSH2, how do I make a proper executable for SSFEXE? Which linker do I use?
Originally posted by AntiPasta@Jan. 02 2003, 8:18 pm

I now have SNASMSH2, how do I make a proper executable for SSFEXE? Which linker do I use?

If you have just one source file, using "snasmsh2 -p source.asm,dest.bin" will give you a working binary. Otherwise, you can direct it to output object files in COFF format and use GNU ld to link it. The Psy-Q linker is also available somewhere, I suppose it could be used as well.
yo antime, how do I decompress those .bz2 files on your webpage? I tried bzip and StuffIt, but both say the files are corrupted. All of them!
You can use at least bzip2 and newer versions of RAR to open the archives. They're not broken (I just checked), but the server doesn't serve them with the right MIME-type for some reason. Right-clicking and Save As... works fine here. As for the StuffIt archives, the Windows decompressor had problems with some of them. I don't know why, nor do I know how to fix the problem. Maybe someone has an older PPC Mac and could try opening and repacking them?

EDIT: The MIME-types should be fixed now, dunno if it'll help with your problem though.