new zelda video...

So true.

I've been playing the older ones in anticipation. I'm currently on Majora's Mask (which is the only one that I had never previously played).

All great games.. probably the best series ever.
I have been replaying all of the trailers for TP and some game play footage that I found on; the agony of waiting for this game is unbearable at times. Ask a girl if waiting for Zelda TP is as painful as child birth, she'll either say "yes" if she's a gamer or slap and mace you; she'll probably do step 2 even if she says "yes", so I wouldn't ask any girls that question. If you did ask that question, you can then ask yourself if waiting for Zelda TP is as painful as that slap and the stinging mace. Most likely, that answer is yes (oh, the pain) :(

Oh, go to if you want to see the game play footage (if you haven't seen it already or if you want to cream yourself over it again).

We need more TP if TP doesn't come out soon. Even when TP comes, we will need TP.