The Simpsons: Virtual Bart


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Game of the "week or so because I forgot" The Simpson's: Virtual Bart!


Chosen not for the quality, or the nostalgia, no, it was sitting on my shelf because it's one of my wife's favorite games. Yes, really.

Honestly it's not as terrible of a game as you'd think so long as your expectations are in check. The game itself consists of seven mini-game style games, chosen by spinning a roulette-wheel style gimmick in the main game. The mini-games themselves vary in quality from okay to meh, and are a decent way to waste some time if you don't want to commit to a "real" game.

Rating in public: Amazing, great success, much games, pinnacle of entertainment.
My real rating: Rent from your local video store when the better games are already checked out but you don't want to go home without something to play.

Virtual Bart (World)000.png Virtual Bart (World)003.png Virtual Bart (World)004.png Virtual Bart (World)007.png Virtual Bart (World)006.png Virtual Bart (World)001.png Virtual Bart (World)002.png
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fully forgotten game :) there was so many simpsons games in the 90's. some good, some average, some bad