Newbie seeking mod help

I read as much as I could on this board first but I'm sure I'm still asking a question that's been asked a million times. But I really need advice with this and there are people on this board who really know their stuff. So here's my problem...

I have a 21pin 32 Saturn. The modchip is from, bought recently.

I followed the instructions on there and a clarified version of them from another site. I'm pretty sure the wires were soldered correctly. I double checked all my connections as well. But the instructions show one brief part mentioning an 0014 and 0019 connection (and I've seen it mentioned on this board). What is this, and how can I know which mine is? Also, when I know this, what do I do with it? Is there anything I should be soldering besides the red wire to the 5+ volt and the blue wire to the 14'th pin on 32?

Right now, I start the saturn and it shows the green cubes and the CD drive does make some (though not as much as usual) noise, and then it reads original and backup CDs as an audio CD. And it won't play the tracks (even of an actual audio CD).

Thanks a lot for any help! Any advice at all or links would be incredibly appreciated.
Try reading the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Why does nobody read it? *sigh* ???
I read the entire sticky thread first and looked elsewhere. I'm sorry if I'm just missing it somehow. But the thread I see is talking about an alternate method and I already did the traditional one like instructed on gamegizmo and playthegame. My only confusion is what the 0014 0019 setting is and if it requires any switching or toying with. The diagram on gamegizmo points it out as you're supposed to connect two things if you have an old model lesn or two others if you have a new one. How should I handle this portion of the job? Sorry again for being a stupid newbie about this but I've looked elsewhere before posting.
Sullus: Try this is you haven't already. (Hehe, I can see Mal frowning now as this is going to be a repeat of something many many times.)

OK, look at your mod chip, on the side where the two wires connect. There should be a red wire coming from the top corner of the modchip, and a blue wire coming from a point on the modchip labelled "B". Take the other end of the blue wire (which you would normally connect to the chip on the Saturn's CD board) and solder it the the point labelled "A" on the modchip. Make sure you solder well so that a good connection is made, and make sure not to accidently close any other circuits. Now solder the Red wire to the 5V prong on the power supply. It should be labelled but it is usually the next to last (NEVER put it on the last prong on either side). If it isn't labaled, its best to test with a multimeter to find which prong is the 5V.

Now correctly seat the mod-chip and 21-ribbon cable into the modchip, you should be set to go. As mal said, read through the Sticky at the top of this forum... read each and every post for a complete overview. If it doesn't work with this method, post your results in the sticky and we will try to help out. Make sure to take note if regular games play, what colors the cubes are if games don't play, if the CD-Spins up, etc.

Good luck!
OK, I'll rephrase that.

Why does no one read the sticky before attempting to mod their Saturn?

It is an alternative method, and an easier method.
Hahaha, indeed mal, maybe its better this way. Less people are rushing to buy tons of mod chips because they don't like soldering to the IC, but its SO easy with your method. Thats fine, more modchips for me