Nifty Sega Icons

I'm looking for Sega themed ICONS.

Not avatars or animated gifs or jpgs...

The actual icon files - .ico extension usually.

Anybody got any or links to them??

I'm doing a project for school and need some
I go to an itty bitty technical school.

I've done tons of assignments in my 3 years here that have been Sega related.

I wrote a nifty little C program that printed a Sonic on screen and he ran across the screen a few times and then tripped over his own feet and fell.

My favorite was a program I wrote in C++ that gave hints to Lunar: The Silver Star if you entered phrases from the game correctly. I was working on one that would display the different bromide images from the psx version if you answered trivia questions correctly.


Pressure InUrEyE666 to make sprites for whatever game you want, and he will do it. It is just lacking now because he justed started this site then left for band camp...

If you say you need Sonic sprites I am sure he will get right on it.
Originally posted by IUG@Aug. 14 2002, 9:51 pm

then left for band camp...

oh that reminds me of a story. one time, at band camp, there was this kid, and he had some cookies, and there was this bear, and he wanted the cookies, but then there were these two guys, with guns,and they shot the bear in the head, and they killed it, and it died.
The Sonic program is made for DOS and won't work under a Windows command prompt at all...

And it's also nearly 50mb.

Only place I could put it would be on my ftp and open it up to the public again but I'd rather not.... finally got that machine fixed.
It's not a demo.

It's not doom either.

It's a program written as a project for a class.

It does a bit more than have sonic running around - that is all that you can see.

It was a 'code' example, not an 'execution' example.