Night Trap FMV?

oh wow... night trap.. that's a name i haven't heard in a long long time.... Man how did that go? There were these messed up crooks and your house was all eqquiped with high tech crook-killing stuff... i never found out why the refridgerater was looked. Wait... wasn't there human blood in it or something? Man that game was the SHIT!
ANYONE HAS PC VERSION?? I've been looking for it so so long! Plse me let know!

I love night trap very much...its my first favorite Sega CD FMV game! so much fun! oh yaaaaah Lisa is the first victim and looks goooooooood in the bathroom hahah
It came out for the sega cd first. It was supposed to be sega's killer game that would convert us all to their console. Then the 3do got an identical version with slightly better fmv.
hmmm by the way, what's the diff between an fmv and an adventure game? Is it just that an FMV uses real video?
Some Full Motion Video games are adventure games , most arnt though . They can also be sports games , shooters ect. Also they can be there own class of game if there's only a simple gui on the bottom of the screen with video to show story ,gameplay end ect .

I would not consider night trap an adventure game .

Mostly because you dont adverture out of the survelience room . Zelda , Shenmue, Rise of the dragon are adventure game Rpg's can also be classified as adventure games and you can even futher classify catergories rpg/adventure Cyberpunk/adventure Adventure/Puzzle. Games with Computer Rendered Graphics to me are not Fmv either because no actual people or event are taped .
Phantasmagoria and Gabriel Knight 2, for example, are FMV adventures. they both used real actors, acting out the scenes. Phantasmagoria used a lot of pre-rendered stuff with live-action sprites (looked SHITTY in combination), while Gabriel Knight 2 used real live backgrounds. I liked them both, altho i had to play phantasmagoria twice because the first time, i missed out on all the gory scenes. come to think of it, should they be considered pure FMV adventures? i mean most of the times, the walking sprites and stuff were re-used over nd over again! oh well whatever. they were great games.