Night trap Sega CD/32x issue

So, i put the game in the tray, the first two loading screens work fine but the the screen just goes black. I can hear the sound track coming through but nothing will show up untill I press a button when it goes straight into the game with no title screen or anything. Then the videos don't work, i can see all the control panels and media but all the videos just show up as a black screen. I thought maybe i just got a faulty game but can't be sure as i ordered it some time ago to play on a friends machine before he told me his had broken. As of the moment night trap is the only cd game i own so i haven't been able to test another. I'm probly just doing something real tarded but was wondering if anyone here had any ideas. Thanks
I've got the 3 prong A/V cable fromt he sega cd hooked up to the tv though i don't think wrong wires is the problem because i ahve also tried it with the 32x hookup with the same results. To further test this issue i tried out a burned copy of jurassic park and that workd just fine. I'm beginning to think it is just a faulty game (which pisses me off since i bought it!)