Night trap


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Does anyone know where i can find a copy of this kick-ass game. I mean a legit copy of the game, not an iso or rip. Ebay only has the SCD version and i need the 3do version. It's so hard to find, but i'll settle for forgein sites too since the 3do has no country lock-out. So if anyone may have an clue as to where i can get this awsome game for 3do, please help me out.

I'm not really looking to trade or buy this off some one so i didn't post it in the buy/sell forum, but if this needs to be moved then by all means, i just wasn't sure.
it's interesting... but not helpful. they aren't still there are they? because if they were you wouldn't happen to be so kind as to go out, buy one, ship it to me then i send you your money back?
er... cool but i actually have all that stuff. I Just need night trap
woooooo! I just emailed the guy and i said that if i bid on it all and just wanted the game, he would just re-list everything else but the game and take away 75% of the price!
wait i wanna make sure: there was an edited and un-edited version for the sega cd, but on the 3do it was JUST un-edited, right?
You i guess.... IF i was thanking anyone. the dude just told me it would be too much of a hassle for him so he won't do it. Bitch... luckly, a copy of night trap for 3do just went on ebay so off i go to bid!
his husband
Wish me luck guys, so far i'm the winning bidder. HOw much do you think this game could go for max? Just an estimate?
i'm checking once every 5 seconds..
that much, really? the SCD ones go for 20-30. It ends in exactly 5 days, 23 hours and 4 seconds. So it ends on may 29. Hey, if some one bids and i miss, tell me. I dont' check my mail often if at all some times.
HAHAHA! I was just looking at it and saw that the special agents sent in to get the vampires are called S.C.A.T. It stands for Sega Control Attack Team! HAHAHA! how lame is that? Almost as lame as the "Feka" CD and johnny turbo's fat ass.