NiGHTS game-data format

Hi there

I'm in the middle of making a NiGHTS clone for the PC using DirectX. It's an amateur effort, obviously, and I've created all new level data/art. I would however like to be able to render some of the original NiGHTS levels/maps (to compare my stuff, and for coolness
) but I'm having difficulty extracting the data from the original CD. Does anyone have any info on the location of the map geometry on the Nights CD? If you can't be that specific, any info on SFD, PRS and ADP files?

i think its easier if you just create a emulator for a specific game, NiGHTS. Perfect the Emulator, and have it only play that game.
Well, heh thanks but that's not the point
I'm creating a new game (an unofficial NiGHTS sequel, if you like) - and as well as that stuff, some original Nights work. Besides I really don't think it'd be *that* much easier
Yeah, he's right

It seems too much of a common disease for folks to give answers that miss the point of the questions.... Why are we always telling people to do it some other way than they want to, instead of helping them do it their way? I for one think Generic's project is absolutely great, and while I'm afraid I can't help him, I'm anxious to see what comes of his unofficial Nights sequel...
ahh it was just a suggestion. GOOD LUCK! and i hope you'll suceed. you'll recieve TONS of praise. Work Hard!