NiGHTS Pinball

Ok here's the deal. The NiGHTS Pinball mini game plays just like a level of NiGHTS into Dreams.

Getting a pair or something with the cards opens the door at the top of the table which leads to another table or the "mare". in the centre is the ideya capture under which an ideya appears eventually. once u fling sonic into the ideya capture (you know you've done this because the mini sequence with nights plays) u get the ideya and can deposit it at the shrine by simply dropping through the flippers at the bottom of the table.

i noticed that nights is above the ideya shrine looking quite lost but i still have yet to deposit all the ideya. this takes alot of time and a hell of a lot of patience.

i know i'm on the verge of getting them all (i get all but one before running out of pinballs)

has anyone out there actually got them all? my theory is that this will unlock a NiGHTS related secret.
no good. tried all thier faq's for sonic adventure.

i have no idea of what i could be onto here but i'll post as soon as i get it!
well that was a bloody waste of time.

after all that (hours of gameplay on that bloody pinball) the only thing i got from collecting all the ideya in the shrine was... wait for it.. RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKEN RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

i figured i would get nights or something since he he floating above the shrine instead of in it.

oh well
just my two cents that nights pinball minigame, is awesome, some of the best graphics I have seen in a game. sorry for the interuption. I just like that minigame, also if you need help or a good faq. try great site, free and indepth.