Hi, I am sure it is more than obvious that I am new around here because this is my first post.

I have played around a little with the NES and SNES emulators out there and have found that they are easy to use and work quite well at appeasing my appitite for nostalgic gaming.

The other day something (I forget what) jogged fond memories of playing Night Trap, Double Switch, etc. on my Sega-CD system back when I was in highschool. (Stupidly I sold the thing a few years back). Anyway, I new a PC version of Night Trap existed so I went looking for it. I guess its too old because I have found nothing.

Now I am here. Checking out the emulation scene in hopes of re-living a few enjoyable moments of old-school gaming.

The problem is, it doesn't work quite as easily and effortlessly as the more simple emulators I mentioned above.

(Sorry this is so long)

Granted, I have only spent a little time reading through this site, but can anyone give me a quick run-down about where everything is, FTPs, emulators, etc. I think I downloaded gens v1.40b. Is that a decent emulator? Also, do I have to have the CDs to run the games on my PC or are ROMs out there for the getting?

I would appreciate any introduction you all can give.


P.S. everyone has been talking favorably about snatcher. That must have come out after I sold mine, what's that game about?