Now thats alot of video games!


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I got more....except xbox and the NES robot....lets add my C64 and C128 and atari to the stuff as well as the cpu stuff and my consoles lol
That IS alot.

But, what's the fun in getting them all in one auction? Then what happens? I love searching for video games I can't find, that's one of the funnest part of being a collecting enthusiast. Cause, eventually when you find it you get that moment of elation where you go, "oh my god, I found it!", and it's like you can't wait to get home and play it or put it away if you already have it. And If you win this auction, it's like that only happens once, probably when you're driving the u-haul truck back to where you came from. Whoa, could you imagine the truck being struck by a car, busted open, and cartridges and boxes getting everywhere in front of a high school, at around 3:05? Kids be getting your games, and it's like "Hey, you don't touch that!" and game crazed students run off with like consoles and games.

That would be cool if that happened when I was in high school, sigh..

edit: I never noticed psyduck on the TV, psyduck rocks. If I were to, for some reason, get a tattoo, i'd get psyduck on my arm.

edit again: Is that the virgin mary on the right wall?, whoa there's candles and stuff, it's almost like an altar. I could get married there.

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Thats the auction for the rich fat little boy that gets all this stuff at once so he can call him self a "hardcore gamer"

Thats just it....
As I said before on another board when this image was posted, I think it was the X-Entertainment Video Game forum, this man will die.
I think it's a model two us model super nes. Note the colors are different. Maybe i'm just seeing things tho. And he must have one hellova rgb multi tap
Maybe it's a sacrifice? Notice that 'Halo' is on the screen. Could this person be trying to tell us something?