Now thats alot of video games!

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What? No Game Q? Bwahahahahaha!!!!


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Awesome shrine! probably the best I have seen since I was in Japan at my friend Tetsuo's house where his eternal Anime collection wrapped around his den with 3 bookshelves full of Neo Geo carts and PC-FX carts. Then, in the center of the room stood the TV-(not as big as yours though) with Sega Saturn, Famicom, and Playstation titles surrounding it in the EC. Yours blows it away though by a milestone. The fireplace is a nice addition.
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hey wait... WHERE'S THE SEGA SATURN?! No video game library is complete without the sega saturn. He doesn't have a master system either. BURN HIM, BURN HIM LIKE THE WITCH HE IS BWHAHA!
Well thats a cool pic but how do you know if its his?I've seen this pic before it got posted here and some friends of mine started thinkg of how it would be thats the collection of many people joined together.
Hey, is it just me or does that lilttle black cart above all the xbox cases look like sonic 2.. why would it be over there. IT should be with it's family! .... yeah
supergrom.. i'm dissapointed in you. That my friend, is an FZ-1 model 3DO. That's the kind i own.

captin crazy, how can you tell what kind of cases are which?

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I saw a bigger version of this picture a while ago, if you saw the bigger one you would notice. And besides the 32X and Genny looks like a Pal one...

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The 32x in that picture is the PAL model, look closedly, it says megadrive 32x, you can also tell the whole system is PAL megadrive becasue where the power LED is on the negesis, that whole area which is white should be red. Also on the scd unit its a megadrive cd system becasue the sega cd graphic should take up a good chunk of the front end of the unit but it doesnt in that pic.