Ocarina of Time: the best N64 game 2

Best bost in Ocarina of Time?

  • Parasitic Armored Arachnid: [Queen] Gohma

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  • Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo

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  • Bio-electric Anemone: Barinade

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  • Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon

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  • Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia

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  • Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha

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  • Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo-Bongo

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  • Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova (Koume and Kotake)

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  • Great King of Evil: Ganondorf

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  • Ganon

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A follow up to Ocarina of Time: the best N64 game, this one is focusing on the best bosses of Ocarina of Time. What do you think is the best boss from OoT?

My favorite boss was Morpha because of its somewhat challenging battle (seeing how it can move from place to place and sometimes the Longshot wouldn't always catch it).

I consider Ganondorf and Ganon seperate options because they were seperate battles, as opposed to them being the same being.

The poll also says "Bost", in which is a typo. I got the names head-on, thankfully.
Bongo Bongo just cause he was unique. As far as battles go I'd have to agree w/ you. Morpha owned. Actually was one of the best dungeons too.

Oh, I was wondering why someone chose Bongo Bongo :) at the time he was quite unique, but they reused the idea in WW. Giant stone guy if I remember correctly.

Bongo Bongo was quite an easy boss though...perhaps because I happened to watch my friend defeat him before I went onto defeating him myself at a later date? I dunno, but still, quite a cool one.
Oh, you're talking about Gohdan. They don't seem too similar to me, but only similar because of their appendages. Actions were different; Bongo just slammed a giant Bongo and rammed Link, while Gohdan shot those energy balls at Link (he did something else, can't recall though). I think Gohdan is more similar to that one boss at the top of the Pyramid in Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64 (in looks, that is).

He was difficult if you didn't know how to use the Lens of Truth right.
The only difference is that the boss in SM64's head didn't float. Bongo's head floated somewhat (it was attached to the wall). Gohdan is almost like a mix between Bongo Bongo and King Dodongo, seeing as it floated like Bongo and you have to damage it by throwing bombs in his mouth.
metal_gameboy said:
The only difference is that the boss in SM64's head didn't float.

Presume you mean WW :)

Didn't it? Oh, well, I haven't played in a while and I don't trust my memory so fair enough.
Wonder what type of bosses they'll have in Twilight Princess. I heard a rumor that in the fishing pond you have to fish up a boss. Is it just me, or did they pull that from what I said on another post:

I sure hope they have bigger fish in TP. It would be funny if they had one as big as Del Lago from Resident Evil 4.

Can't remember if that's the exact one. I thought I posted something similar, but more extensive.

Well, all that matters is that I posted it, we got bigger fish to fry. How would that work? All I can think about is using the boat and swinging at it while it gets near if it's above water.
It could be something similar to the firey boss in the Wind Waker where you had to swing over it's head and agrrovate something to hit the boss on the head...

Depends if we will be fishing in a pond...or a new TP lake kinda of thing.
Oh, maybe like using something to attach to a tree and force the tree to fall on the boss? Now that would be interesting, I imagine they would fit the targeting system in there to make it work well and innovative. I heard all of the dungeons are to be animal based, but I wonder what kind of animal can attach itself to a tree and connect to your boat. They already use monkeys in the first level......... maybe a certain type of bird.

........yeah, that would be really cool. Say Link ties one end of a rope to an arrow, then the other end he holds. He would need to shoot an arrow at a tree, and pull it down using a certain button function (like tapping A really fast). As soon as the tree starts to fall, the bird would swoop down and pluck the arrow from the tree before it falls, then the bird flys over to Link so he could repeat the process.

The size of the lake might be conflicting (the chances of a tree hitting the fish in a huge lake would be minimal), so I suppose the tree would have to be toxic to the fish or it would create underwater ripples. Other possibilities are that Link needs to attach a toxic substance to the arrow so it infects the tree, or he can use Ice Arrows. Maybe if he used Ice Arrows the lake would freeze up and Link would have to get to the fish so he could slash him a couple of times, and when the ice breaks his bird friend would catch him and return him to his boat.

Man, thinking of these cool possibilities is starting to make my head spin............

I hope I didn't ruin the surprise for Nintendo, and if I did ruin it I hope Nintendo doesn't come over to my house to kick my ass because of it :lol: