Of Ripping CDs...

Ok, I was attempting to rip some Saturn games (they're all Japanese, Langrisser IV Limited Edition, Langrisser Dramatic Edition, and Dragon Force II) when my computer, upon inserting these games, started making strange buzzing noises and subsequently froze. I looked on the back of the game CD and noticed a stamped ring around the edge of the CD with a stamped Sega logo and some other things, and was wondering A. if these are on all Saturn CDs, and B. if there's anyway to bypass them so my files can be ripped without my computer crashing?


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That ring you noticed is the COPY PROTECTION present on all Saturn CDs, without which the Saturn won't play the game (unless yours is modded).
It's impossible for it to affect reading the CDs on a computer in any way.

You and I have been talking on the Direct Connect classicsega hub and so I know that you 1. have auto-run turned on in Windows (Windows tries to open the program associated with the type of CD you insert) and 2. have Adaptec Easy CD Creator, which itself tries to find out whether the CD inserted is a blank one.

One of these things is barfing on the Saturn CD for some (admittedly hard-to-imagine) reason, so your best bet would be to DISABLE auto-starting CDs upon insertion by using TweakUI for Windows or a similar tweaking tool. Note that disabling autostart is not the same as actually disabling recognition of inserted CDs as being present (that's a setting you find in the CD drive properties under Device Manager).