Off the topic sony question


Mid Boss
I know this is a Sega board, but I thought someone might know. Is there a way to rip audio from a PSX game. The soundtrack to Castlevania: SOTN is awesome. I tried using CDRWin to make a bin/cue and then convert it using binchucker. You only get the 1 audio track. I hope someone can help. Thanks.
The audio in SotN is in XA format in files on the disc, so you need an XA player/converter. One can be found here, though I've not actually tried it...
I think it would be too much hassle to try. if you want to do a crude duplication, hook up the psx audio cables to your stereo reciever., then hook that to your comps audio card.. haha , back in the day i used to put a tape recorder reeal close to my tv mono speaker.. haha , if you have a minidisk recorder use that for sure!
Since there was an official soundtrack CD, you could also try tossing the phrase "Michiru Yamane" at some P2P networks... might get you some other stuff, but presumably it would be great also.
I've used PsxMC (you can get it from Zophar's Domain), which is pretty good. It can also convert MDEC movies to AVI, even some of those in a special format (FF8/9, Chrono Cross).