Wow -- not bad

Was that your first eBay win?

You'll find eBay to be pretty addictive

But it's heaven-sent when it comes to finding Sega games
Good job. Soon i'm sure you'll feel that even Shir can beat the crap out of Cloud, and you'll be one of us (whoever us is).

That reminds me, i have to find a new box for PSIV. When i bought it used, the cardboard thingy that was supposed to keep it in place, didn't, and i cut the box so it could fit in tmnt:hh's case.
For the past year I've been one of you! I've been living, breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, Phantasy Star for the past month! As for Shir beating Cloud... eh.. I HIGHLY doubt that. Rolf and Cloud would make the ultimate team in a Final Phantasy crossover. Then again, Rolf has a HUGE resemblance to Squall...