Old terms and refs..

Ok old terms... lets see whats STILL known in the newer generation.... PLEASE if you know the term, say yes, if not, say no... please dont give out the source of the term as this is tests to see if old terms and refs are still alive in this generation or if the new teens of today know them.

First term.


"Ok, Mr. Wizard.. well do it your way!"

Do you know where this term comes from? Yes or no pls. Lets see if we can do a few of them but first lets do one term at time ok?
"nic nic nic nic nic nic nico..........." i forget the exact termonology for that song but am i at least hot on my assumtion of what you were getting at with the first post.(note if it's what i'm thinking then i dont' think a lot of people outside the states and canada will get it). myst you must have noticed you plan was flawed since anyone can be like "ya i get this" even though they don't. hell ask me about sub atomic particles and all tell you a lot of stuff doesn't mean it's all true(i had a better thing for expressing what i was getting at just it's damn late and i can't rhing normally)
I'm sort of with Quadriflax on this. I'm not sure if you're talking about what I'm thinking, but it does mean something to me.
Ok good responses.

The term is from a old TV show called "Mr.Wizards World"

He dealt in fun scientific expirements and studies. FUN SHOW! Really! SOOOO when someone acts brainy and all that, You would call them "Mr.Wizard"

Next term.

"I dont know" or "Water"

Came from a series.... and made this TV company known for what it still uses today. Yet the reason they have this or where it came from seems to be lost....

Do you know the orignal term and what they STILL use despite it being off the air? Yes or no pls. (Lets keep it good and bring some common USA history here, Sorry outlanders... Im afraid i dont know much terms from your land... In germany Id ask about "Bim Bam ....." if you all knew =P)
I had no idea about the first one but I know this one.
Woo, I was right! Loved Mr. Wizard's World. And I know what the next one is too. I also know at least one famous person that was in it, at least for a few eps.
i like how you're just seeing how intouch with 80s kids/teen media we all are. i'll remember anything from when i was a kid if i watched it, so don't try slipping in strawberry short cake and those bears with the shapes on their stomach refrences(my sisters watched those they're older then me but still were young enough to watch stuff like that).
Ok the Second is the Nickoloden Slime they use, I mean YOU KNOW the Slime your school stuff, But where did that all start from?

It came from a show called "You cant do that on television"

The slime came from it and no one remembers it.

Alanis Morresette was in the show, yes.

Now for a FUNNY one...

"The cone of silence"

and (to make the posts faster)

And a term still sorta used but most dont know the meaning of it...

When you here "*Blank* where are you?", its refering to a older term

"54, Where are you?"

I didnt say the full thing, because THATS what you need to know,

Yea I think this is good flashbacks for US and to teach older generations the history of the terms (or shows) that they watch.

Also for fun...

"Physical Challenge!"

Theres 3 for you all. See what you know =)
"The cone of silence"

I know this one, though my introduction to the character was originally through Inspector Gadget (unless Gadget is somehow his own man and not influenced by anything else...)

"54, Where are you?"

I know what this is from, but I've never actually seen it.

"Physical Challenge!"

Hey, nothing like a quiz show that tries something new instead of sticking to the basic question/answer format. And goo. Lots of goo.
myst do you love Nickoloden as much as gaming? and stop watching nick at night. i find it funny that the rugrats came out when i was a teen and they're still around and i'm in my early 20s and at one point they weren't going to make any new episodes for them but then something happend and they caught on now every little kid watches them. If only dough was like that i liked that show (true it did get picked up by disney but they ruined it).

oh ya i've never once used the phrase "cone of silence" no idea on this one (well i have one just it's most likely not right unless it involves people eating like a vacum cleaner sucking up lint)

hey anyone remember danger mouse that show kicked some ass even though it had all weird british type stuff.
Cone of silence was Get Smart.

As for Mark Summers. He was funny...

Anyways YEA, THINK how OLD Nick is... I mean its OLD as HELL! So YEA most everyone sees it. HOWEVER most dont know alot of history in there...

Ok now on to new areas...

Easy ones.

"Hey Kids what time is it?"



"Live from New York....."

"Hi Ho Silver..." (Easy one but you need to know the show!)

And for a classic kick

"Hes dead Jim"

After this post some terms you know but keep track of them all =)