Open gl software

Hey I need a software that can do software based open GL. I know scitech has one for 20$ and has a free one that ONLY works on 9x. I wanna know if there is another free one out there that might work. (Stupid S3 aka SiS chip)

If there ISNT I may HAVE to use 98 or buy scitech but before I do I post here. If you have any info please post.
get the drivers from SiS's web site

I had a sis 630s based laptop which sucked when it came to video. The hardware 3d video acceleration REALLY sucks, it's actually slower then software 3d acceleration. There is not much you can do to speed it up but get updated drivers for it. Replace the video card if you can.

SiS = Pure Evil
Card name: S3 Graphics Twister K + S3Hotkey

Manufacturer: S3 Graphics, Inc.

Chip type: S3 Twister-K

DAC type: S3 SDAC

Is what I have.....

SUPPOSED to be but no info there!

I dont know WHAT to change or whatnot! (Man all stupid 32 meg shared...if other laptop came in id have a 8 meg ATI Rage dedicated vid card)
Click here to download the latest win2k/XP driver for that video card.

Its a slow link so be prepared to wait, it does work.
Nope, it's been ported to other platforms, but it probably works best on Unix, though.
Cool, I should try that out for my new linux box. Opengl works VERY slowly on it's Matrox G400. Supposedly the support for that card under linux is very bad and just does the basics with a little 2d acceleration
Cool, thanks for the link. Definetly gonna try them out.

With the current xf86 thingy i cannot even run ogl stuff. That tux racer moves at maybe a frame every couple sec on the g400.
Just one thing, s3 is not the same as sis and never was (as far as I know). Sis did and keep doing those lame 305/315 series and s3 did the savage series.
Its more a VIA chipset then anything else. I got working drivers now....wasnt the link you gave me Ice but it was on same ftp section. I got the one with hotkey, LEAST my "jumpy" multimedia is fixed...smooth now. (IPC knew of this one as well)

But still they say only d3d is supported and not open gl =(

Warcraft 3 seems to be open gl