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PAL optimized titles

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by DeV0, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. DeV0

    DeV0 New Member

    Hi All

    Just wondering what pal games where optimized and not just ported with a different region code. After modding a 50/60 pal i noticed a few, in fact i noticed a few that run better at 50hz like tomb raider, I have both pal and ntsc versions btw.

    I'd be interested to know,

  2. AntiPasta

    AntiPasta New Member

    here's a few I have:

    - Duke Nukem 3D

    - Rayman

    - Wipeout 2097

    - Baku Baku (partially)

    - Sonic Jam (partially, I think the sonic games themselves arent)
  3. Gmc

    Gmc New Member

    Sega Rally

    Guardian Heroes

    Sega Touring Car (Lol, game's framerate basically renders in unplayable to me anyway)

    REDFLELD New Member

    Most 2D fighting game are non-optimized eg.. Street Fighter Alpha 1&2, King of Fighters 95, but the intro's speed is opitmized. Recommend playing these games at 60Hz

    Most of Sega's 1st party game are fully optimized.. speed, and full screen(but not fully correct ratio) Recommend playing these games at 50Hz
  5. Quakester2000

    Quakester2000 New Member

    Theme Park and Discworld series probably are optimized for 50HZ as they were UK designed games and only got a release in the UK.
  6. Omar

    Omar New Member

    Do any of you read the posts in the topic before you reply? o_O
  7. DeV0

    DeV0 New Member

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