Panic! (AKA Switch) on Playstation 2

Yes, this is great. I love the game. I don't know why, but I think it is very funny and humorous. Does anyone else agree? I love it. Does anyone know if it will be released in America? If not, I will definately import it.
I got a copy of it off someones FTP and I love the game, I don't know why. Maybe there is someting wrong with me mentally. I find it very humorous. Looks like I will most likely have to import it.
I remember seeing it in Gamefan or EGM back in the day and wondering if it was worth playing, never mind buying. Of course that was when importing an SFC game from Japan would run you about $140 for the cart alone.
I don't really care about the cost of importing it. I would even buy an X-Box and the game if it came out on it in the States.
I guess I am really messed up if I love this game, and if I am willing to dish out 300 bucks for an X-box, if it would be an X-box exclusive.