Panzer Dragoon Orta

Hey Guys,

I just got PDO. I haven't opened it yet and here's why: I'm currently playing through PDS on Saturn (I've beaten PD and PD zwei). My question is: where does PDO take place on the PD timeline? For that matter, I haven't figured out where PDS takes place on the timeline either. Are they intertwined? I've read that the game's entire history has all ready been mapped out, so will there be an end to all of this goodness?

BTW-- I'm on the third disc on PDS, just about to beat Mel-kava or something. I don't want any hints or any plot spoilers AT ALL, but how much farther do I have? I'm leaving for school this sunday and I would like to finish the game and possibly Orta at least once (I've heard it isn't that long). Thanks.
I think PDO takes place way in the future compared to the others.

I think the timeline is: (I can be corrected)

PD Zwei - PD - PDSaga -------------------- PDO
The story starts: "Thousands of years after the fall of the Ancient Age a new empire emerges from the ashes of the Great Fall."

I just got the game; all I can say is that it probably takes place after PDS like Racketboy said. The exact timeline is hard to tell; I have yet to come across any information since I have just started playing and it is all new.

Here is a site with a chronological story map:

It is an awesome game; you won't be disappointed!