Panzer Dragoon Orta


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It's time to voice your thoughts about this game on the SeXy console known as the almighty Xbox now that the game has been released in JP, NA, and EU.

Has anyone played it on an HDTV?


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I've just been playing the demo - it's incredible! I can't believe how much fun this game is! I'll hopefully get the full version by weeks end. Thanks Sega.

(No HDTV in the Land of Aus, unfortunately - they even removed support for it from the 'Box.
There are so many words to describe this game: Beautiful, Inspiring, Awesome, Unique... I could go on and on. The side quests are excellent add-ons too along with the history and art along with it all!! This is the main reason I bought the XBOX!!!



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I got to play the demo at Best Buy, but the crappy TV they use, I'm sure doesn't do it justice.

It definately captures the gameplay feel of the first 2 PDs, but the graphics, from what I could tell on the dinky screen, looked very detailed.

I'd like to play later levels sometime to maybe get some more exciting gameplay, but the first level was exactly adrenaline pumping.


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I played it at Software Etc. a week ago today. I only played a little bit of it (30 seconds to a minute), because there was a Metroid Prime/Zelda: WW demo next to it, that I didn't notice until I was playing PDO (I'm a Metroid die-hard starting with Super Metroid years ago, and I still hadn't played Prime yet). I had just played PDZ (CD-R
) on my Saturn an hour earlier for the first time (first PD experience). I was surpised as to how much it was like the Saturn version. Controls were almost the EXACT same. I felt at home right away.


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Don't have the game but would like to get it soon.

With the power of that game I can controll the world!!!!

..... maybe not but someday I will :devil


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I just picked up the full game. I totally love it.

The demo doesn't really do it justice - you miss out on a whole other level of gameplay - absolutely addictive and facinating. I really love all that depp history stuff and it makes a few references to the other PD games through the "Encyclopedia" in Pandora's Box.

Graphics really do matter.
I really loved the game when it came out. the same day I got the DOAXBVB and Splinte Cell.... I can tell you, I haven't placed Splinter Cell into the XBox, and teh volley ball game has barely been in there too. It was all about PD for a while, until I finished both, the original and Orta.

I really enjoyed it a lot, it was a perfect example of keeping the series evolving in every sense and not destroying the basis. Highly recommended.

BTW, I did check it out in an HDTV set, and a Polk/infinity/Kenwood 5.1 setup.I tell you, it is worth it (visually it is not as enhanced as DOA3, but hey man, you won't be going back to S-Video or Composite, I tell ya.)
wow, this games...its THE game.

i'll been playing orta in full dolby digital 5.1 and with composite video! its incridible the sound its awsome

por dios, este juego tiene las mejores y mas detalladas graficas que e visto....o las mejores.

pero creanme...realmente es increible jugarlo con un home theater, un buen televisor y claro, teniendo el high definition av kit

if you can try play this game with the hight definition a/v kit in a home theater and of course a good tv set...really its worth

i dont know if the playstation2 someday will do such a detail on the graphics side like the x-box....but well....the really important thing here is the gameplay, the fun factor....and this game have it all ....a 10