Panzer Dragoon Saga Soundtrack CDs, anyone?

Hi folks,

This is the kind of question that might get some people quite annoyed, but I'm looking to obtain copies of the Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG Complete/Memorial Album.

I admit that SegaXtreme's set of MP3s are great quality, but they're MP3 and so can't compare to CD quality. While I am extremely thankful to SX :banana for the great set of MP3s, I would love to be able to listen to the CD quality tracks.

I hope to pay someone for the cost of postage and blank CD media in return for copies of these discs, if you have them.

Please don't post telling me about copyright or piracy, and please don't just ignore me because you think I'm joking or wasting time. I am only looking to obtain this brilliant soundtrack because I can not find it anywhere to buy. Trust me, if you can find these on sale for me, I'll be there like a shot :D !

Post if you can help out. I've been looking for these discs for ages now and I would be extremely grateful to anyone who's willing to help. Thanks!

Hi lordofduct,

I know! It's annoyingly hard to find. Thanks for your contribution to the search, though :)

I've hardly even seen many people who have it! Like I said, I'd appreciate anyone's help here.

Moderators, my apologies for the daft double post earlier on. :blink:

And if me putting this under another of my own posts counts as a double post also, you have no idea how stupid I feel at this point... :damn: