Panzer Dragoon versions

About a year ago I bought a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for the saturn off of ebay, the guy who sold it to me said it was one of the first copies to come out. I knew that the later ones that came out of the game had the disks in clear casses, but the originals, like mine, had them in black cases. However, at the end of disk 1 when you are fighting azel, instead of saying "rain death upon him", it is still in the japanese wording, the subtitles are not translated. Why is this? is my version different then it should be, or do all the ones in the black casing have this same mis-translation? Also, I have another question, I have heard that Panzer dragoon 1, 2, and saga were ported over to PC in england or japan or something. I have seen lots of copies of the original in stores around where I live, but never 2 or saga, in fact, I have never seen them on ebay eather. Can anyone confirm that they came out or not, or are they just very rare?

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The later ones didn't have clear casing, but white casing. And the first PD was the only to come out on PC. Zwei and Saga were only on Saturn.
Hmm... well, I don't know. All I know of is the black and white. I have white. It's made of cardboard. :(

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Does the front of your manual look like this, Fabrizo?
Canadian version? WTF are you smokin'? :) You know how our games are marked "NTSC U/C"? Guess what the "C" stands for.

edit - The EURO versions are sold in OZ too right? Just curious.

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I was just checking if you got a European one. Where is a pic of the clear case one? Canadians have frenchies so it is possible they do sell quite a few or at least some pal in local non-specialty stores. This could confuse some people but Canada is supposed to be covered by NTSC.

I believe Aussies get PAL.
Oops, my bad, I havn't ever imported from places other then japan, so I just assumed that one. Take a look on ebay, your bound to find quite a few different versions pics.
Yeah, i had seen some auctions on eBay, and some vendors were auctioning black sleeved ones, and I thought that something was wrong with mine

I have the Panzer Dragoon Saga with the white sleeves...

how many copies were released in the US?

I think i heard 6,000 at one point?
Hey! wait a minute, I think you're talking about the case n' the part that holds the cd, not the sleeve, My case is clear, with the black piece that holds the disc like almost all sega saturn us titles, and the sleeves which hold disc 2, 3, and 4 are white, with no donut holes. I was wondering why some sleeves were white and some were black with the donut holes myself. If you ARE talking about the sleeves, i've never actually seen plastic ones except for the ones to my laserline rolodisc thigy.

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