Panzer Dragoon Zwei

a combination of sluggish past sega shooting styles mixed in with poor story elements wrapped around the repetitious blasting action, with a combination of grainy pixelated graphics, just like in previous panzer dragoon games, a very dull ride to say the least. utter sh*t.  
Yeah, this game does look a little dated now, particularly next to screen shots of the upcoming XBox incarnation, but then so does every game from the mid nineties...

However, despite John D's continued negativity (do you even appreciate classic gaming?), this game series is one of the major highlights for the Saturn, Zwei being no exception. The controls were nice (esp. with the 3D pad), the graphics were highly atmospheric, as was the sound. And that, in my opinion, is the high point for PDZ... atmosphere, which - for a shooter - it has tons of.

I remember the rush of zooming through caverns and having my dragon morph into different forms depending on how well I did... great fun, and worthwhile for anyone who likes the idea of a shooter with depth.
This was my favourite of the pure-bred shooter panzer games. I don't know exactly what it was about this game, but I still play it when I can't think of anything else to play just because of it's great replay value.
OH JOHND SHUT THE f*** UP!!!!! YOU ARE JUST ASKIN' FOR A SLAP!!!! HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SAY BAD THING'S ABOUT SEGA/TEAM ANDROMEDA, THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OF 1996 (...well untill nights came out...)...yea...this game had me comming back for more every time i played it! thing to come out of this game, was getting 'winged death' status!  
Yeah you're right, I never did get it though the best I got was "Panzer General" with a score of 99.9% (missed one little f*ck in the last level)! AAAaaaagh

But still got pandora's box because of Panzer Dragoon Saga...

Great story!! LOVED IT GREAT Graphics for that time and still quite nice so John D Go Suck your own!

With your pathetich "Stay Angry"-attitude(tm) sorry ass, guess you also like Limp Bizkit eh?

Go Cry- B R A T -

Smartass-comments-whicharen't-smart is sad!
While I liked Panzer Dragoon, this is the version that really captured me wholeheartedly. As stated many times above, playability, graphics ect...all great. Loved it.
PDZ was the first game I played on the Saturn, well actually the demo was. But I liked the Demo so much, I had to have the full thing (Cost £15 second hand.. bargain back then).

Very nice GFX's and the music was very well suited. The Boss' were great to fight against... difficult enough for a good challenge, well the last few were anyway. A little bit short for my liking.

But hey... One of the Saturn's, many, great games.
This is really one of the best games ever! I love the gfxx, music and mostly of all, the surreal style of it. The best rail 3d shoother ever in my opinion!
This is a still a brilliant shooting game even by todays standards. The upgrade system and the multiple routes give the game more depth than most shooting games, and as others have mentioned, the music and atmosphere make for a very immersive game.

Something which dissapointed me about this game though was how easy it was to complete. After playing the very tough original Panzer Dragoon game i was expecting more of a challenge.
Panzer Dragoon Zwei is awesome, Hanumann (the forest boss) is probably the most awesome boss in a video game.


If you think Panzer Dragoon Zwei is the best rail shooter ever, you haven't played many rail shooters...

Sin and Punishment on the Nintendo 64 is probably the best rail shooter there is. It's far more hectic, the atmosphere it creates is awesome, and it's far more fun to play.

Also, I think Star Fox 64 had superior gameplay to the Panzers, but the Panzers create such a better atmosphere.
It was a very good game, in grafics, sound, fun, and replayability. Its sequil however (PDS) out did it in every way. Then again, PDS was an RPG, where as PDZ was a shooter, so maybe its not realy a fair comparison...