Partition in backup devices


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I have some questions about usage of partition in backup devices ... I would be glad if a BUP library guru could help me :)

BUP_Init return a table of available backup devices, and the partition count for each devices :
typedef struct BupConfig{

    Uint16    unit_id;    /* ユニットID (unit ID) */
    Uint16    partition;    /* パーティション数 (partition count) */
} BupConfig;

When using internal memory or cartridge memory, partition count is always 1, so I would like to know in which case a value different than 1 is returned. Only when Floppy Disk device is used ?
And, the most important question is, what is the maximum possible value for partition count ? 4 ? Or more ?

Also, is there a lot of games supporting partition selection ?
cafe-alpha said:
Nobody still using FDD unit ?
no FDD here, we have just the FDD CD operator :