Pc bios eproms >:|

K i need to find 256kb eprom for a pc-chips :smileyshot2 m726mrt. my board came with the wrong ep-rom well i got 2 my first one had the right eprom but the board was cracked so i sent it back and i got this one it boots but the bios is wrong so it always locks up.
and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find me a new bios chip????
normally these spare parts are hardly seen, you can go to one of those second hand pc shops and vampirize
they are also normally well in excess of the price of a new board if your looking for a preprogrammed eprom with the exact image for your board

what you could try is to get a blank chip of the same type if you have access to an eprom burner and write a good image onto the chip

if this is a new board why dont you just take it back to where you brought it though?
hehe all i need is a blank so i can copy the boot block and the bios over i made a back up of the boot block b4 i did anything. and i know a guy with a burner it just finding the eprom. it needs to be a 256kb they aren't easy to find. and some of those eproms are like welded in from age. ???
it needs to be a 256kb they aren't easy to find.

256KB (I'm assuming you mean KB and not Kb, since I've never seen a PC BIOS that small) EPROMs aren't that tough to find. However, I can't help you find one unless I know what kind of package and organization you need. Do you have a part number for your current one?