I've been thinking about getting a PDA/ Pocket PC. I dont really need anything too high tech, so I also dont want anything too pricey either. Any recomendations?
The Compaq E-190 series are very good pocket PCs... nothing like watching a few Eva .AVI episodes on the road. Only problem? Video play back sucks, its pretty slow, and kinda expensive. Hold off on buying the Pocket PC's, cuz they'll undoubtedly get fast, cheaper, and better.
What exactly will it be used for?

If your just going to use it for E-books, MP3's, and Movies then I recommend the HP 545. Mine has been great so far and it was only $100 :)

If you want one for games then I recommend one of the HP 560 since it is #### fast and has a controll pad on it.

www.pdabuzz.com if you want reviews.
If you want a err... PDA for work(dear me) I advise a 4Mb Palm Pilot (b&w) combo with a fold out keyboard from err... Casio, I belive, that sells for less than $100 nowadays (name's Galileo or Geo, can't recall now). It runs, it's cheap and Palms are way more portable han the HP's. Not mutch in the way of entertainment, tough :p
I would definately recommend the Visor Deluxe... I have had mine for 2 years now and it is still a solid pda. The screen is better than alot of the Palm III series and if you can live without color its all you need. They are solid machines overall and I like the Visors much better than the 3com Palms.
I'd only be using it for stuff like taking down light notes, important dats, addresses, and just general organizing. Ice, where did you find your HP for only $100?!