Pee cee-ef ex

I'm really considering getting a PC-FX... does anyone here own one? More importantly, would you say that it is a wise purchase? There are a couple titles that I'm interested in, such as Der Langrisser FX (I'm a big Langrisser fan :
, Battle Heat and that one shooter that was released for it (I can't recall the title >_<).

Games seem pretty inexpensive, and it would be a blast to try and collect them all (yes, even Zenki).

So... erm, should I?
I buy any system I can, provided I have the money. If I had enough, I would definitely buy a PC-FX. Anything with a Langrisser game on it warrants a purchase.
I have a PC-FX, and I must say, overall I'm glad I did. It really is more of a "collector's console" than anything, however, as there weren't many games released for it, and many of its best games were released in VEEEERY limited numbers (BTW, forget trying to buy Zenki unless you plan on spending ca. $200 on it). Battle Heat! absolutely SUCKS; the only reason I keep it around is for my collection. Der Langrisser FX, however, is easily the best DL port around, with 13 added FMV and even a bonus hard mode they took out of the PSX and SAT remakes! (probably due to size constraints, seeing as though they also have a L1 remake on the CD) Plus, the music is of superb quality, and the character portraits, oh, the character portraits... *drool*. Keep in mind also that most of the portraits are NOT the same as they are in L1&2 PSX or L:DE.

So...I'd say go for it if you have a few hundred smackers burning a hole in your pocket (like I used to). If not, just save up your money for something else.
I just got one myself as I ran across a deal to get 28 PCFX titles. Overall I really wouldn't recommend getting one. It dones't have a lot of great titles for it and your money could better spent on saturn and PC Engine stuff or whatever else you like.

It's worth it alone for the Der Langrisser. Before I got it I thought it would be a inferior port to the Saturn Dramatic Edition which has both Langrisser 1 and 2 on it. It beats it in every way except you don't have the added scenarios 79-92 in it. Some other notable titles you might want to look into are.

Chip Chan Kick

Der Langrisser FX

Dragon Knight 4

Farland Story


Great. >_<

All I'm getting is mixed reviews about this console. Some people are like "IT'S A GREAT CONSOLE! I love it to death etc etc." and others are telling me to avoid it like the plague. Ahh well, I guess that's why it's such a niche system.

Btw, Azazel, you post at RIGG, right? I just signed up there yesterday! :B
It's a fine system it just lacks in the number of games that it has and only has a few games that are really worth owning. It also depends on what your tastes are. I personally like shooters, action and RPGs and the system is lacking in those kind of titles. If your really into adventure and Anime games you'll like the system a lot as that is what the majority of the games for the system are. Also most of the people that are big into the PCFX are also die hard PC Engine fans. Myself I'm really into the PC Engine but do to the lack of games for the system that I don't like I have a really don't have a high opinion of the PCFX system.

Yea I do post on RIGG every now and than but I've never downloaded any of their files. This is for 2 reasons, the first being I have a slow connection and 2 I already have all of the titles that have been released.