Phantasy Star Online

System: Multiple
OST Name: Phantasy Star Online Songs of RAGOL Odyssey - Soundtrack EPISODE 1&2
Publisher: Scitron Digital Content
Street Release: 9/19/2003
Package Size: 2 Discs
Tracks: 35
Composers: Hideaki Kobayashi, Fumie Kumatani
Arranged by: Yutaka Minobe, Daisuke Okamoto, Toshiaki Iida


This is probable noted over in the Sega Department, but I'm gonna post it here.

What can I say, if you like online play and enjoy a rpg/action adventure/exploration type entertainment, this is your game.

The soundtrack is solid.
Beautifully blended *wipes away tear* and goes perfectly with PSO's fresh, exotic, environments.

My favorite is the Lounge music.
Man, I was feelin that song when I was in the lounge areas chattin with other players.
I think it's called Day Dawns or something.

If you played the first one, you will fall in love with the 2nd.

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Haha.. nobody said you didn't.
But this is great.
2k keepin it hot by giving everyone access to Part 1 of the PSO experience.
Go over to SegaXtreme and check it out!

PSO Part I

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