Pic Request: Oval button 21 pin PAL systems

since my topic was delted, i'm asking for something different this time

if anyone out there has a PAL saturn that has *NOT* had the 60hz mod done to it, please show me a picture of your JP1 and JP2 on the bottom of the mainboard. i most prefer an oval button system with 21 pins.

i'm trying to do the 50/60hz mod on an NTSC system, and the normal documented way doesn't apply.

thank you all
Hey mate got your email,and tryed out the 50/60hz mod today,and it worked :)

As for your problem I'm guessing the jp2 jumper is missing completely? Because it is missing on mine.I was going to say just linking jp1 would work but since you have a ntsc saturn it probably wouldn't work. As for doing this on a pal saturn going against what i've heard about this it outputted in pal60 rather than ntsc,which was pleasing after quite a f*cked up day...
Why the hell do you want to perform a 60 hz mod on an NTSC saturn?

Your original 60 Hz is better than our pals' 50 Hz one.

And he's right - there is no JP 2 on a Model 1 saturn.
i'm not doing a a 60hz mod on the saturn, i'm doing a 50/60 switch so that it's compatible with PAL optimized games on PAL TVs. I sell these systems to people in London.

And he isn't working with a model 1, he's working with a revision 3 or 4 saturn.

JP1 comes linked on the US version of this revision. if you unlink it, no matter what you do you get nothing....no video at all. JP2 is directly above JP1 on this version also, and it *SEEMS* as if there is a common point to both JPs in the mix there.

Dark, you should be able to attach a wire to the pads of JP1 and attach both wires to a SPST switch. that should be able to select 50 or 60 for you at a whim.
Yeah i know a switch will work on mine,just don't have any at the moment and to be honest I would rather play 60hz even on pal optimized games(50hz looks terrible).Sorry I can't give any help on your saturn,BTW(the only saturn I've ever opened is the one I have right now...)
well, it seems as if there is no one who can help me do the 50/60 on an NTSC revision 4....which is sad, but i guess i can live with it....i'll drop the mod from the older systems then

i moved, and am without my own net access...all those who have orders with me should have those orders sent out by next wednesday. Moutaindud, i only have to mount the 50/60 switch and find your games, then your saturn will be set to go. sorry for the delay mate