Pics of my Sanyo 3DO finally...

This is a couple of pics that I made of my Sanyo 3DO that I finally got from Japan, with my scanner.....unfortunately I have never bought a PC Camera so these will have to do... Hope ya like em.


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Sinner! You don't scan VG systems, and you certainly don't post absurdly massive images of them. For shame.... I suggest a digicam.
If I had one dont ya think I would use it? LOL anyways these are not massive I have some pics that are 25 megs now thats massive, 1 meg each is NOTHING....
I only wish my 3DO ONLY displayed in letterbox format, that would rule!! and Raijin Z, thats why you should have PhotoImpact 6!! plusmore some people like a big picture of it..... Its a great system, all its missing is a remote control. hehehe, It came with a nice 6 button control pad, the prototype m2 pad . :)