Pin-out for the twin sticks?


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Saturn controllers don't work that way; they all have the same pinout, but in some cases the data format is different. Unfortunately, the SMPC manual doesn't seem to have any mention of the twin stick, so I don't even know whether or not it has its own protocol or how detection works.


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I'm just guessing, but could the Twin Stick work like the Mission Stick in 6-axis mode? Technical bulleting #34 has info on the Mission Stick.

EDIT: ExCyber, do you have the SMCP manual? Care for sharing? I'm also interested in anything that's not in my stash. Think of it as going towards a common good..
If this helps...

The Twinstick is simply a re-mapped Saturn pad.

Left stick = Dpad

Right stick pushed left = X

Right stick pushed up = Y

Right stick pushed right = Z

Right stick pushed down = B

Left trigger = L

Left turbo = R

Right trigger = A

Right turbo = C

(Actually, I may be getting Left trigger and Left turbo mixed up)


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KNTain: Yes! Thank you!

antime: My Saturn docs collection is on my main computer, which is dead at the moment. As soon as I get it up and running I'd be happy to send you the SMPC manual.
I suspected as much! Either that or a custom analog controller. Thanx! And Ex-Cyber, I wonder if your offer is available to me as well.