Pissed mystic at next intersection!


Stupid fucking quelle killed my laptop order, said they are sold out, AFTER making me wait a month for it!!! Like args! Just ordered another one.....comes in sat, however it is NOT what I wanted really and doenst have as much as I need....

1500 AMD, 256 RAM, 32 Shared, 20 Gigs, NO burner, networkcard, or iLink...like STAY AWAY FROM QUELLE! ARG! Man I am SOOOOO pissed cause a few days ago they still said it was on its way! Like man they STILL have it listed on their orders! Like WTF, Anyways warning to all, this is day 2 of bad things. Stay far away form pissing me off today! Fyi....post this so I might not blow of on someone.
Should have gotten one with a 64mb ddr radeon 7500 in it.


They may be a tad pricey but WELL worth it.