Plan on getting Sat modded again


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Yo! I want to get my Saturn modded again, and I'm sure my dad doesn't want to do the install again (since the Saturn is "obsolete"
). So... where can I mail it to get modded? I don't see anything on playthegames right now (they changed the URL, company name, and haven't added much to the new site yet).
Both Curtis and Taelon make good points.

There's certainly a wealth of experience in Saturn modding and soldering in the forums and the people that come here. By having a good read, asking a few questions and practising a bit of soldering, you should be able to mod a Saturn quite easily.

If you're still not confident that you can do it, I'm sure there are several people in the US who'd be happy to help you out.
Hm... give me a month, and I'll have the money to buy the mod. Hey Taelon, can you do the mod for me? Anyone on here in the US that's be willing to do the install for me?