plans for my birthday

Hit a locker or brick wall if there is one handy. Hit something that's inanimate though just so you dont get in trouble with the law.
jim993, you're such a fucking optimist.
No, dude. Don't hit inanimate objects. I tried that one already. All I have to show for it now is a displaced knuckle on my right hand....Estrogen is the root of all evil....Actually....It's kinda in a more convenient, out-of-the-way location now....Eh....Maybe you should try hitting that inanimate object, afterall....
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jim993, you're such a fucking optimist.

I like to think of myself as a realist

and cyn guys have estrogen(just at lower levels then females but you already knew this and probably just feelt like making a comment with a female perspective

(jim knows about the hormon cycle of women in regards to menstration(damn biology classes)).
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Estrogen is the root of all evil....

Actually, testosterone is the root of all evil. At this time and the current state of the world, I think it's pretty obvious.
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damn, dude...your not out getting trashed?!!I remember when i turned 21, right at midnight of my 21st birthday i was out buying alcohol
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(pluss it's against my religion to get trashed damn self created religion)

LOL, explain your self created religion... And if you created it you can amend it
sorry I edited all my posts before you got to read them yes it did. everything I thought was going to happen did self fulfilling prophesy no just I know what's going to happen.

my birthday as told by the person who lived it and not jim

woke up around 130 sat around in front of my tv and computer(conveniently placed next to each other). my father asked if I wanted to go out to eat for lunch since it was my birthday I told him I didn't. awhile later this girl I know IM'd me sang happy birth day to me told me she would talk to me later and wished me a happy birthday again and signed off.

sat around till about 4 lifted then showered after. when drying off from my shower my friend called me up on the phone and asked if I was still up for going with him to the local bars as we planned to do weeks in advance. I told him yes and then he said he'd talk to me later. finished drying up from my shower and sat around.

My parents asked if I wanted to go anywhere for dinner told them no because the only place I wanted to go my mother wouldn't like anything there(sushi). After I got done eating I went online again my friend who I had plans with was on talked to me didn't say anything about dicking me over.

sat around for awhile watching tv and doing shit on the computer. The girl I talked to earlier came on asked me if I was doing anything later that night. I told her I didn't know. she asked me if I was going out. I told her I didn't know. she became idle I didn't notice. I went on talking to her when she was away and told her how the only people I knew over 21 were her my one friend my sister and my one friends sister, but she wasn't there. I also told her about how my friend is a stupid prick who dicks over his friends.

sat around for hours till another friend of mine came online and talked to him said that he called our one friends house. Our one friend went out with the kid I had plans with to play basketball. very suspicious since normally when they ball they invite more people then just 2. Later on the one kid that went to balling came back and said that the kid I had plans with went with his girlfriend. I sat around doing nothing. The friend that told me that my friend went to play basketball asked me if I wanted to go to a strip club or something. I told him no since I hate them anymore(waste of money not enough fun for the dollar if you know what I mean. that and I always have weird guys staring at me and then I always have some drunk that wants to fight with me or trips over my feet).

I sat around online another one of my friends came on(the one that has an older sister). I told the friend that asked me to the strip club how I asked our friends sister about going with me to the bars on my birthday and how she said she would have to ask her friends(I really don't know the girl and she didn't want to go out with some stranger that's friends with her brother). the strip club friend told me I should ask our friend with the sister to ask his sister if she wanted to go with me. I told him that I wouldn't bother since she told me that she'd have to ask her friends before. So he asked our friend for me.

Long story short I sat around doing nothing on my birthday. On a bright side I'm now legal to buy handguns and alcohol in the US legally. woowhoo what fun I can have with a handgun and alcohol.