I need some info regarding CC1SH and CC1PLSH

Turns out, I had already had my Saturn dev workflow well planned. But I am fairly new to command-line compilations, as I have been spoiled by Visual Studio and intellisense. But all I need to know is the compilation switch for both 'CC1SH' and 'CC1PLSH' to show the rest of the switches. But if that doesn't exist, i would love to know what the switches are.
Forgive me, but I don't think there is enough context to understand your question. What are you asking about?
I'm sorry to be so vague. I'm referring to the GNU Sega Saturn tools, and cc1sh cc1plsh command line switches are what I would like to know about, whether you explain it on here to me, or you just simply tell me the correct switch to trigger the list to show me the rest of the command line switches
You don't directly invoke cc1/cc1plus, they should be considered toolchain internals. Instead, you call the gcc/g++ compiler drivers, which call cc1/cc1plus as part of the compilation process.