PLayboy Karaoke Saturn

If you don't know what this game is about, then how did you hear of it, let alone why you want to play it badly?

Judging from the name, I'd say it's a Japanese/Chinese game, and if you can't read either, then I don't think you can enjoy this game.
He wants to play it badly 'cause it has playboy in the title... ####, now I want to play it, and I don't know what it is about.... I do dig the karaoke, though.
Sounds like one of those games thats actualy nothing more then japanese/chinese porn flick. Go on ebay, their are lots of games like that which go up for sale, even though your not supposed to list them on ebay.
I think i played it ... its a Japanese/Korean mahjong game .. the game starts like this ..

ur playing as a girl that is a strip mahjong player .. you have to win the oponent many times .. like 5 maybe ..

each time she takes off something and hey show a nice pic .. hentai one of course .. the boss girl is the most beautiful one .. i dont recommend the game tho .. i only played it because i like mahjong not for the hentai sex :)
I've heard it's like a Saturn exclusive CD+G with a Playboy license. I have no idea if it is just a karaoke disc or not, but it's supposed to be quite rare.
Quote: from Death on 2:22 am on Oct. 12, 2001

.. i only played it because i like mahjong not for the hentai sex :)

thats garbage... no one plays mahjongg games for the actual gameplay! its like saying u played mortal kombat because of the gameplay...

Clearly, it's not Mahjong. I've seen the cover scans [don't remember where], so I know herrgafgarion is 100% correct about that. Whether or not it's a "real" game is my only question. After all, how would you play a karaoke game?
I understand what you're saying 100%. I doubt anyone bought that line.

However, I must disagree with your broad sweeping anti-jong statement. I had great fun with Hong Kong Mahjong on the PC - 100% non-nude fun. Well, at least non-nude in the actual game, I tended to play nude. ;)