Playing cdr's with a GameShark?  

I thought there was a way to play cdr's with a Saturn GameShark.Am I right or wrong?If I am right.How?Thanks :juggalo
You can play CD-R games with a Gameshark, but it doesn't do anything to defeat the copy protection - you need to use the swaptrick or a mod board, just as you would need to without a Gameshark.
To play CDRs you've got to have a mod board, do the swap trick or have an original boot disc.

Gamesharks and ARs can apparently make the swap trick easier though.
hey whats up juggalo! since your getting that gameshark from me, ill tell you how to use it.

first you put in your cd-r

second you pick your codes or enter new ones.

when you select start with codes, thats when you do the swap trick. you do it the same way. the laser will move to the outer edge of the cd. then it will return to the center. once you see or hear the laser move back to the center, thats when you put your cdr back in.