Playing saturn imports/copied games

I know a mod chip would allow the saturn to play copied or imported games, but is there anything else? A boot disk or anything? I heard that the 4-1 converter would work, but I dont know. Has anyone heard of this or can help?

this has been discussed multiple times before.

a modchip will not allow you to play imports, a bootdisc is impossible, and no cart will allow you to play cdrs.
You can try disc swaping. It allways works for me.

Look in the Miscellaneous section on Sega Xtreme

there should be some txt. or doc. files telling you

how to disc swap. the only draw back is that you

have to have an official disc that you dont mind scraching. it might take a few tries to get it to work.

Hope this helps. and sory if you allredy knew that.
crazytaxi: a switch is a different type of mod (not a modchip) all it does it make or break a few connections between points to change the region the saturn operates as

if you looking for a full soultion for genuine imports and copies get a mod chip and a converter cart or switches

if you just want to use copies just get a modchip, and use the converter utility to patch the image before burning it (just for games from a teritory other than your own's)