Playing US Games on a Pal Sega CD

I have a Backup of Mortal Kombat US for the Mega CD but have a Pal Mega CD V2. It wouldn't boot so I used scdconv v2.5 so it boots but before you can get to the title screen it goes black. I known you can open up your mega CD and add a 50/60hz switch but i was wondering if there was an easier way like a software which forces it to run in 50hz.

Umm, no you can't add a 50/60Hz switch to the Mega CD, you CAN add one to the Mega Drive (this mod affects the Mega CD as well, but isn't IN the Mega CD) this is probably what you are reffering to.

Your problem has nothing to do with any 50/60Hz issues though. The problem is actually an internal BIOS check that prevents import games from running.

The check routine doesn't seem to hold to any standard, game code and check routine are inter-mingled, and this is why SCDconv fails alot, it sometimes writes over the game code on some titles.

And sadly, there are no other software conversion utilites than SCDconv that I am aware of, the only way to play foreign games on your MCD is to either get a system converter cartridge (like the ones made by datel) Or, you can fit a Multibios.

When I really started getting into import gaming I took the latter option, and it rocks!

I'm afraid the Mega CD is a complex piece of hardware, and there are no "quick fixes" available.
i would suggest you burn the cd and try it in gens as well, patched and unpatched, if it boots in gens when patched to europe it should work fine in the mega cd, if it doesnt work before patching then theres a different problem related to either the rip or the way your burning it (either speed, media, or the program your using to burn)

also try loading it as an iso in gens, that might show up any problem related to the rip


i tried patching it myself, it works fine on a pal mega cd, so your iso is probabbly bad i guess