Playstation 3 for sale

I am visiting from the future and I have a slightly used playstation 3 for sale. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any games with me from the future, so you'll have to wait until they come out to actually play.

Heh heh, I was just getting your attention because I knew you wouldn't read my desperate plea if I started honestly...

Can someone please help me get a hand on a switchable Genesis key cart. I saw one in hong kong but a swedish guy got it 10 minutes before I could. NOw I dream about it! I wish I had that damn key cart. It looks just like a Genie with DIP switches (not just an extender cart). It allows you to switch between regions. If you have access to one, give me a price please.


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Damn, I was about to buy that PlayStation3 from you so I can throw it at Ex-Cyber on IRC.