Please don't flame me,........

Lord of the Nazgul? It's actually one of the titles of Sauron from "The Lord of the Rings".

"One ring to rule them all,

one ring to find them.

One ring to bring them all,

and in the darkness bind them!"
As a newbie, requesting a custom title is actually somewhat likely to get you one... the admins tend to ignore the part about which title you want, though...

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Wow! I finally followed those links in your post ExCyber,...they musta' pissed someone off!


And thanx for your reply Ratamahatta. I've seen many of your posts, so I was wondering how you got the title. Everything I've seen of yours appears well informed and intelligent,....... You chose it to throw people off, huh? ;)
Yeah, basically. Someone asked an idiotic post a while back and I said "I wish I was an idiot too" and bam, there it was.
Best Buy,............... isn't generally. :(

Edit 1) I assume the moral is, " What's in a name, really?" ;)

Edit 2) Oh, ha, ha! And Ratamatta's moral is, "Be careful what you wish for,..........."! Ha,ha!

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Hey, i odnt think anyone would really mind a custom title but i plan to earn one like a good honest forum member. Hey ratta - you didnt ask if you could play MD roms on a mega CD did you?
Ummm, earn one? As far as I know the highest title you can receave (based on post count) is sonic. I got that title a while back, I asked for a custom title then, and Skankin Monkey + Arakon had a little bit o fun messing with it (As you can see).

Oh, and just for refrence Ringwraith, here is a partialy completed info table on what titles you get for your

number of posts:

Fresh Meat: 0-?

Sega Nut: ?-115

Robotnik: 116-160

Tails: 161- around 370

Sonic: Around 370-380 (Final title)
Oh, thanx Fabrize. I thought there was some kind of order to the naming, but the odd ones like,


"Filthy Iso Beggar"

etc. made me wonder,.................

Well, with that explained, I wouldn't want to upset the natural order of things.

But "Creampie Fairy" does seem a bit harsh,............! ;)
If arakon or anyone else had their way and with what the naming scheme has been of late, you'd probably be reffered to as a "Flying Doorknob" or something along those lines.