Hi! If you are reading this post than you are a kind-hearted person! Well ..5 years ago i gave my Sega CD system to my elder brother with all CD's...among them were Ecco 2:Tides of time AND Flashback (both are CD versions) Time passed and i wanted my CD's back 'cause the music on above mentioned CD's is ABSOLUTELY fantastic!! But my little brother screwewd the CD's!! They were so badly scratched that none of my CD players could read them!! I searched the WHOLE interent using all methods (from Napster to Kazaa/WinMX and eDonkey) to find soundtrack from Ecco 2 and Flashback! I only found soundtrack from Ecco series at Planetdreamcast....and NO trace of Flashbac CD music!!

Guys!! If ANYBODY of you HAS this CD PLEASE can u e-mail me specific songs???Please! I am searching for these mp3's for almost 3 years!! Your help will be appreciated!!

Thanx for your attention

Best regards, Tenhuaser
I'd recomend trying to rip the tracks with a computer program. download cdrwin 3.9, click on the "extract disks/sectors" button, and set the read retry count really high (around 40).