Please help with saturn mod

Ok please...please.... help me with moding my Saturn, I have tried (admitted I'm new to this) but every single guide I have found on the net does not seem to help.

I have been using this guide

apon close inspection of the diagrams I have noticed that my Saturn has no chips on the cd board, the only way to access the chips is to dismantle the whole Saturn (Virtually) to remove the silver plate (in my Saturn the plate is one big one not in parts) so what do I do? what chip do I solder to? please help I would be very very grateful!!

here are the details of my Saturn

model mk 80200a-50

cd unit Sanyo (no chip on the cd board)

I have the round reset and power buttons not oval!!

if you need any more info just say and I will get it to you.
mmmmmm you got it IBarracudaI. I have actually seen this guide but obviously didn't look at it carefully enough! (fool I am)

I am slightly more enlightened just one more thing do you know what chip to solder to you? you cant tell from the pics in the guide supplied.

Thanks (This has helped)


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That's the whole point of modding it that way. No one knows which IC you would solder to, let alone whether there is a suitable one on the Sanyo CD board.

All you do is bridge the points marked 'A' and 'B' on the modboard hope it will work.


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Show us a picture of yours and I'll compare it to mine.

(I don't have a digital camera)
would love to....except i don't have a digi cam...

what i do remember is that the wire that went from the pc trap to the drive looked like it had a spot for 2 connections, but only had a wire was pulled out or something