Please help...

I am not shure why, but i bought a portable computer, with a monocrome screen (Its a T2000SX computer), but strangeley enough, the screen is inverted! I am not shure why, since it works perfectly, but it is inverted som everything looks strange. Anyone who knows why this happens and what to do with it? Maybe its just a setting in the Setup, but i can´t reach it. Is there any video-driver that automatically inverts the screen (or a program) in that case i can use it to counter the screen and make everything look normal. Any ideas? I will be very thankful for any help!
By inverted I assume you mean that the display is black text on white background? Unfortunately that is just the way it works on the old Toshiba laptops. Plug it into a monitor and it'll look fine, but the LCD display is always inverted.

I have a T1600 and T1000 - both have this "feature". You can't make it go away.
if your using windows on it you could try setting up the display settings to the reverse of what they usually are

could take quite a bit of expermenting to get it looking nice though