pls HELP Game Gear with 1 sec turn off prob


Mobo = Motherboard

GG = GameGear

Caps= Capacitors

hello i just got a GG from ebay for $15.00, the guy said it worked but when i received it, it does this thing where when i turn it on it only stays on for 1 second and the power light and LCD turns off....

So i replaced all the cap;s on the mobo. I do believe the mobo is a Majesco mobo.since the how 2';s on the net the uF vals of the caps were different. When i replaced the caps i could smell the fishy smell and most of the glue was loose. so i could tell the old 1990's caps were bad & had leaked out all over the mobo! I replaced with the same val caps, some have higher voltage, never lower. also i maid sure that all the -/+ were on the right place. i also used new cap's. after i was done i check over everything 2 times to make sure everything was ok!

So after replacing all the caps on the mobo i still get the same problem!!

I turn it on after 1 sec power light and screen goes black!!

so i start testing the power board. I found 2 of the caps to be bad [not registering on my multimeter], so i replaced the 2 that didn't register. but still same problem!!!! turns off after 1 sec!!

every time i have tried to test the GG i have done it both with a game and without, using battery's, or using power supply. But.....

Every time i get the same thing, Power;s off after 1 sec.

Does any1 know how to fix this?

Does any1 know the pin 'out' diagram for the power board? Like what the voltage's are going into the mobo of the GG?

I know theirs another topic about this but on this and other pages but, theirs no info on how to fix. I have looked every where, every time i haven't found an answer to this. But i c that A LOT of people have this same problem.



Also i have put up a video on YouTube of the '1 sec turn off problem'

Link -->

in the video i try to turn it on 2 times.


One thing i have noticed is that the BLUE thing on the power board seems to be very loose. Does any1 know what the name of this is? I have uploaded pictures, and i have outlined the BLUE component im talking about.


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yes i did use that guide, when i replaced all the caps on the game gear.

But befor and after i replaced them, the same problem happen, 1 sec then turns off

But i did find out that when the system turns off after 1 sec it means thair is a short in the system.,

In my case its eather the LCD or BackLight shorting out

also i got this email from a very nice guy that knows his shit when it comes to game gears.

Heres the E-MAIL:

Dear davez.

Hi! I'm Sankichi.

Thank you for your e-mail.

I want to reply you useful answer,

but the phenomenon is seem to exceed my knowledge. Sorry.

I wrote following as a reference information without the positive proof.


Power turns off automatically, what does cause it ?

If you permit GG to become garbage, how if detache one or more unit

that seems it causes trouble?

The unit seem to be useless for GGTV and cause trouble are:

- LCD panel

- Backlight bar light("HIGH VOLTAGE" mark)

If removing them, Power On, and red LED doesn't turn OFF,

the cause is one of removed parts.

Or...The above-mentioned has already been tried ?

Best regards,



So basically if your having the problem of the game gear turning off after 1 sec, and u have replaced all the caps, and still have the same problem.

What you can do is remove the LCD or BackLight then the RED LED light will stay on, problem fixed, but y replace them when they sell on ebay for $10

Have you checked your 100uf 4V capacitor located near the transformer in the main board? Make sure they are soldered properly and not touching other trace. Check the surrounding as well for short.

Good luck.